CEN Standard

CEN/TC 387 “Project Committee – Food composition data”

The proposal for a new project on a Standard for Food Composition Data was sent to CEN, the European Committee for Standardization, from the SIS TC505 on 16 April.

On 17 July 2008, CEN replied:


Subject: Form A – Food Composition Data BT, – having considered the Form A submitted by SIS as included in BT N 7989; decides, – to create a New Project Committee, CEN/TC 387 “Project Committee – Food composition data”, to work on a European standard according to the specifications provided in Annexes I and II to BTN 7989; – to ask the new Project Committee to submit its programme of work for approval to BT by 2008-12-31 – to allocate the Chairmanship and Secretariat CEN/TC 387 “Project Committee – Food composition data” to SIS; – to thank SIS for taking this initiative. This resolution is applicable as from: 2008-07-17.   The CEN website: www.cen.eu