Preventive Care Infrastructure based On Ubiquitous Sensing 

ABOUT PRECIOUS (Grant no. 611366)

Duration: 3 years from November 2013 to October 2017

Coordinator: PRECIOUS was coordinated by AALTO-Korkeakoulusaatio (FI).

Project partners: PRECIOUS had 7 beneficiaries from 5 countries (FI, FR, UK, AT and ES).

Source of funding: PRECIOUS was a collaborative Project funded through the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme.

Aim & Project Deliverable

PRECIOUS provided a preventative care system (promoting healthy lifestyles) comprising of three components: (1) transparent sensors for monitoring user context and health indicators (e.g. food intake, sleep and activity); (2) individual virtual models that include health risks and desired behavioural changes; (3) state-of-the-art motivational techniques (e.g. gamification), which trigger feedback tools to promoting change and encouraging healthy conduct. Unlike other projects, PRECIOUS focussed on measurable impact on user behaviour and, thus, cost saving in the public health sector as well as improved quality of life.

The project brought  together partners with expertise in nutrition research, semantic technologies, etc. Type II diabetes had been selected develop the prototype, but it could be easily adaptable to any dietary- or lifestyle-related diseases, and is capable of not only of detecting and communicating early warning signs but also forecasts future developments and associated problems.


EuroFIR AISBL was involved in three work packages, Requirements Identification and socio-economics (WP2), System, sensors and feedback tools (WP4) and Dissemination and exploitation (WP6). Carlos Ramos and Heikki Pakala (THL, FI – Vice President of EuroFIR) represented EuroFIR AISBL at the kick-off meeting on 4-6th November 2013 in Helsinki (FI).

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