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Processed food

EUFIC Processed Foods Symposium

How to communicate about what we (don’t) know?

What makes a food product a healthy or unhealthy product? Are processed foods less healthy than non-processed foods? And, what’s the difference between processed and ultra-processed foods? The European Food Information Council (EUFIC) explored these and more at their processed foods symposium on 24.11.2020.The symposium also considered the role of processed foods within a healthy and sustainable diet.

This symposium included presentations about front-of-pack labelling schemes (e.g. Nutri-Score and NOVA), and effects of food on our physical and mental wellbeing as well as the science behind food processing. Two of the take-home messages were that ultra-processed food stuffs are usually more calorie-dense and, in general, food portions are significantly larger now than 50 years ago.

Read more about the symposium here

EUFIC is a non-profit organisation, established in 1995, which aims to provide engaging science-based information to inspire and empower healthier and more sustainable food and lifestyle choices.

EuroFIR is a Member of EUFIC and Paul Finglas (Managing Director) joined their Executive Board in November 2020.

Meat substitutes: Winning products

Meat substitutes: New products and advanced technology

Kitchentown organised a roundtable (12.12.2020) to explore advancements in plant-based meats, and the challenges this sector face.

The food industry is aware of the shift towards plant-based diets and are trying to create the best meat substitute foods. Thanks to extrusion technologies – commonly used to create snacks and other processed foods – it is possible to convert plant proteins into meat-like structures.

Extrusion can be either dry (e.g., textured soy) or wet (e.g., Heura or chicken-wise products). What is important for many consumers is that, whilst switching to plant-based products, what many know and love about meat is retained, recreating the texture, smell and colour of traditional meat environments, such a barbecue or a burger restaurant.

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