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ePlantLIBRA is a database containing information about plant- and plant-food supplements specifically bioactive compounds in botanicals and herbal extracts with putative health benefits and adverse effects. 

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ePlantLIBRA is based on three existing databases: eBASIS (Bioactive Substances in Food Information System), developed by EuroFIR; the MoniQA contaminants database (FP6 Monitoring and Quality Assurance in the total food supply chain); and FERA’s HorizonScan database.


Plant Information

Scientific names, plant families, synonyms, common names in 15 European languages, colour photographs to aid identification and links to the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN), together with details on edible parts, colour, size and shape, have been  included for the plants in ePlantLIBRA. LanguaL has been used to code food descriptions.

Annual fees for access

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*PlantLIBRA partners are entitled to have free access for 2014 and 50% discount for 2015.


Log in is by individual user name and password and you should contact me or send an email to secretariat@eurofir.org in order to receive your credentials.


For more information, please contact: secretariat@eurofir.org