2019 – 10 – 02: 2nd Food Chemistry Conference, Shaping the future of food quality, safety, nutrition and health

The second Food Chemistry conference took place in Seville (ES) from 17-19 September and welcomed more than 400 food scientists from around the world to discuss the impact of research on food quality, nutrition and health, and food safety. Editor-in-Chief, Paul Finglas (QIB – UK, EuroFIR – BE), welcomed delegates with co-chairs Daniel Granato (Natural Resources Institute Finland – FI), Francisco Hidalgo (Instituto de la Grasa, CSIC – ES) and John van Camp (Ghent University – BE). Plenary and invited presentations covered topics including data analysis in food science, chemical reactions in foods, bioactive compounds, food safety, analytical chemistry, food structure and quality, food authenticity and traceability, and nutrition and health.

A jury of Food Chemistry Editors assessed 26 Short Talks, selected from abstracts, and prizes were awarded for Best Short Talk – Early Career  to Dr Aytul Hamzalioglu (Hacettepe University – TR) for “Multiresponse kinetic modelling of acrylamide and hydroxymethylfurfural formation during roasting of coffee as a sucrose-rich food system” and Best Short Talk – Established Career to Dr Petras Rimantas Venskutonis (Kaunas University of Technology – LT) for “Zero waste’ biorefining of berry pomace into functional ingredients by consecutive high pressure and enzyme assisted extractions with green solvents“.

In addition, the jury also assessed 273 posters; posters from each section (Data analysis in food science, Chemical reactions in foods, Bioactive compounds, Food safety, Analytical chemistry, Food structure and quality, Food authenticity and traceability, and Nutrition) were recognised as leaders in their field but, overall, the winners were:

  1. Kim & Lee, Chung-Ang University, Republic of Korea for Assessment of phenolic profile changes of chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa) and mulberry (Morus Microphylla. Buckl) during in vitro gastrointestinal digestion
  2. Ollinger et al. FFoQSI, Austria for Identification of mold and yeast in bakery based on PCR; and
  3. Tagkouli et al. Harokopio University, Greece for NMR and FT-IR characterization of pleurotus mushrooms cultivated on agro industrial wastes and Lehner & B. Siegmund, Graz University of Technology, Austria for Impact of insufficient ventilation during post-harvest ripening on the flavour of mangoes (Mangifera indica)

For more information about Food Chemistry visit https://www.journals.elsevier.com/food-chemistry

For more information about the second Food Chemistry Conference visit https://www.elsevier.com/events/conferences/food-chemistry-conference

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